Mr Glen Hogg

Mr Glen Hogg

MR GLEN HOGG (DEPUTY PRINCIPAL 1993 – 2002). It is with a sense of great loss and sadness that we record the death of Mr Glen Hogg, former Deputy Principal at St Henry’s, late on Friday afternoon 3rd August 2007 after a long illness battling cancer.

Mr Hogg first underwent treatment for cancer some two years ago and, in his customarily stoic manner, struggled valiantly against the disease. He was still conscious when he received the final sacraments of the sick on Thursday morning, surrounded by his family. He passed away peacefully mid-afternoon on Friday 3rd August.

Mr Hogg began his teaching career at St Henry’s in 1968 and retired from teaching at the end of 2002 completing 35 years of yeomen service to the College. In 1982 he was appointed Head of Department in the Primary School – a position he held until his appointment as Deputy Principal in 1993. He held the position of the College’s Deputy Principal for ten years and on two occasions acted as Principal.

Moving tributes from alumni of the College, Mr Hogg’s former colleagues, church-workers and friends flooded into the school. It is no exaggeration to say that Mr Hogg was one of the most highly respected and most loved teachers at St Henry’s over the past three decades. His ability to relate to the very young children with his impish pranks, as well as to the more mature students, endeared him to all who came in contact with him. His casual demeanour and down-to-earth manner belied a most perceptive mind and an ability to think profoundly about life and to express these thoughts in a highly articulate manner. It is little wonder that, in the course of his work with the ‘Retrovaille’ marriage programme, he developed the nickname ‘sage’. It was, however, always a wisdom tinged with the greatest humility.

Mr Hogg’s funeral took place on the 13th August 2007 at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Durban North.

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