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The Marist Association has been in existence for over 80 years and as such is extremely versatile in the funding it may receive in terms of restricted and unrestricted donations.

The Marist Association is committed to playing a significant role in forming leaders that can take their rightful place in the wider society. Access to education is often limited, not by ability, but by financial resources. 

The Association has an excellent track record of giving boys and girls, who show academic and leadership potential, the opportunity of an outstanding Marist education. Your support of our bursaries programme will make an enormous difference to those who cannot afford a Marist education.

The Marist Association also facilitates the establishment of a family fund legacy for the benefit of a current or prospective student of St Henry’s Marist College.

A family fund aims to ensure that a current or prospective girl or boy attend St Henry’s in your family name. Alternatively, you can ask that your fund is utilised according to the Marist Association’s discretion for the benefit of St Henrys’ Marist College or another Marist School.

Building greatness together by creating a legacy to make the difference in the life of a girl or boy who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to attend a Marist School. This is a family bursary fund that can be set up in memory of a loved one.

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A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or kind to the Marist Association (approved in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act, no. 58 of 1962) is entitled to a deduction from their taxable income of the amount donated. The Marist Association issues the donor with a tax certificate entitling the donor to claim the donated amount as a deduction (up to 10% of taxable income).