Marist Mercy Care











Place of Mercy and Hope

Crèche and Pre School

We care for over one hundred and fifty children with a staff of seven dedicated educators in the Valencia Formal Settlement in Addo. Our education program prepares our children to flourish in a Primary School environment.



Soup Kitchens

Helping The Community

We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in this area. We run Soup Kitchens in a number of Formal and Informal Settlements feeding hundreds of children and adults weekly.


Place of Mercy and Hope Clinic

Reinforcing our Commitment

With this initiative, our mission is to assist those incredibly sick and dying by providing Health Care to the Valencia Formal Settlement. We have three dedicated Home Based Carers who walk Valencia Formal Settlement daily attending to those who have HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, Cancer and other common South African illnesses. They work out of our transformed forty foot container next to the Place of Mercy and Hope. Our clinic works in collaboration with the Addo Clinic.

Addo Township Designs


Our goal is to empower local women of the Valencia Formal Settlement by providing them with the skills necessary for sewing and embroidery. Raymond Nel (a St Henry’s Alumnus) donated sewing machines, a Wendy House and funded the education of local ladies in business management. Addo Township Designs supplies school uniforms to local schools, handbags, and embroiders anything customers require.


Children & Adult Learning Courses

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Computer lessons are taught throughout the Valley, offering children and adults the chance to learn and understand the importance of the Computer. These lessons were developed by Sister Breda. In 2017, 295 students signed up to do the computer course. 218 females and 77 males. 124 people were from Addo and 171 from Kirkwood.  Out of those numbers 113 had completed Grade 11 and 117 had successfully achieved matric. As a result 265 are employed and have great hopes of doing much better for themselves. The ages range from 18 – 71.


The Directors of the Place of Mercy and Hope

Sister Martha is a Sister of Mercy and has been involved in Education since 1970 teaching children from ages 4 to 16. She was principal of a St. Ursula’s Junior School for three years. Prior to coming to South Africa, Sr. Martha was Head of Religious Education at St. Bede’s Catholic College in Bristol. She also worked on the Pastoral Care team with vulnerable young students and school phobics. Sr. Martha accepted the challenge from her Mercy Congregation to come to South Africa in 2006

Sister Breda is a Sister of Mercy and was teaching classes at a Mercy Private School for several years in Staffordshire. From there she was Secretary to her own Mercy Congregation. Sr. Breda is a trained counsellor and practiced in various secondary schools in London, where a number of vulnerable children were supported. Later years she worked at a Homeless Centre where she co-ordinated 200 volunteers to access different facilities. Sr. Breda also accepted the challenge from her Mercy Congregation to come to South Africa in 2006.

Jason Grieve was Head Boy of St Henry’s Marist College; holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree, a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Science. He is the Founder of the Sharing Our Call program involving the newly appointed Marist Head Students in South Africa and has been actively involved in the Marist Mercy Care projects in the Eastern Cape for the past ten years.

Marisa Woolley has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Stellenbosch. She taught in England for eight years, gaining varied experience from the state to the independent sector. Marisa is currently located in Addo working on the family citrus farm in the Sundays River Valley 

Clare Losty was educated at St. Dominic’s High School in Northern Ireland. She went to Trinity College in Dublin where she studied English, French and also graduated with a Master in Business Administration. Clare was Executive Assistant to the Group Chief Executive, Barclays Bank PLC and is currently Director of Civil Administration of the Diocese of Brentwood.